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Following on from yesterdays Euro crisis meeting in Brussels in which there was little or next to no resolution the U.S Dollar rallied against the Euro today. Without a government and no signs of any of the parties showing any signs of agreeing to a coalition we can expect to see further gains for the Greenback.

The 17 nation single currency, which could well become a 16 nation currency as it fell to a 4 month low against the Dollar as it reached a low of 1.2829

The Dollar continues to be a favoured safe haven for investors around the world who are looking to dump riskier assets.

The USD saw additional positive gains yesterday against both the Aussie and Kiwi Dollar. The Australian Dollar fell below parity of the first time in 2012 and its neighboring New Zealand counterpart dropped 50 pips down to 0.7763 at one point.

News recently came out this afternoon that retail sales in the U.S rose last month in April although it was the slowest monthly growth of 2012. April’s sales only grew 0.1% compared to 0.7% in March, the high growth then being down to the unusual mild weather and pre-Easter shopping sales analysts say.

Today’s major USD movement;

+0.60% v New Zealand Dollar

+0.45% v British Pound

+0.64% v Swedish Kroner

+0.64% v Norwegian Kroner

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