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If you are looking to buy foreign exchange currency for when you go on your next holiday, consider buying your FX card online and get a better foreign exchange rate plus safer to carry around, choose from our list of the best FX cards providers, compare and review before you buy.

Prepaid FX Travel Money Cards

What’s good about FX Travel Money Cards ?

The rates! We have checked a number of the Euro travel money cards product providers websites and currency cards consistently offering the best or one of the best rates around. They even offer a handy converter on the home page so you don’t have to go through the whole card application before you find the latest rate.

Travel Money Cards offer the convenience – like other plastic travel products, widespread acceptance is assured as this is on MasterCard. This one can be simply topped up 24/7 via SMS or via the website. We like the idea of lying on a beach and realising you need to add funds for an extra special meal in the evening and don’t need to leave the lounger to do so!

What’s not so good about FX Travel Money Cards ?

They can ask you to pay £10 when applying for the product but the good news is that this is automatically refunded when you make your first top-up.

FX Travel Money Cards Application Process

The application process is top notch – the information required simple and a decision is made instantly. There is no initial load of £100 like many companies, you just pay the £10 refundable fee.

FX Travel Money Card Designs

There is only one card design – but how many do you need – it helpfully says EURO on the front, so you know which card to pull out when abroad.

FX Travel Money Card Fees

Fees are not so relevant on prepaid travel cards, the thing you really want to be looking at is the rate provided to you. A 0.5% difference on £1000 is £5, so don’t look at the fees as a true comparison.

The ATM fee on a Travel Money Card is €1.50 which is pretty normal and should you want your money back off at the end of your holiday a small refund fee of €2.00 applies.

FX Self Servicing

This product is great – you provided with a handy cheat sheet to print when you go away including the numbers to call if there is a problem, but also instructions for topping up while away and checking your balance via SMS.

They even provide you with a little update on how much you have saved compared with shopping for currency at the airport – a nice touch.

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